Premier Custom Homes OKC


Serving the State of Oklahoma for Over 20 Years

At Premier Custom Homes, we offer a new way to build your next home. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, and can assist with the designing, financing, and the building of your home while saving you thousands in the process. Premier Custom Homes is a custom home builder serving the entire state of Oklahoma. We have a talented team here and they all understand how important customer service is. The beauty of our services is with our pricing per square foot; it is NOT in our best interest for you to go over budget.

Premier Custom Homes OKC can educate you throughout the process to help you make the right decisions along the way that will help you get the home you want and can save you money when possible at the same time. We even provide every one of our customers with an iPad along with a detailed outline of the building process and the budget as well as other helpful tools that will help ensure the best level of communication possible.


Premier Custom Homes can help you save on building costs in comparison to your average home builder, while still providing you all the benefits of using a custom builder. Premier strives to provide each client with the attention, information, and consideration they deserve. We will help you design, finance, and build your new custom home.


We want you to have your cake and eat it too. This means that you get your dream home, enjoy the process, and SAVE money! What we do here at Premier is that we simply calculate the cost per square foot to build the home you want. We have homes all across the board in terms of cost per square foot.


WE work on your behalf to negotiate with our contractors to get you better pricing whenever possible. Premier DOES NOT charge a fee for upgrades . That is a huge statement and one we feel very proud to be able to make.